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Polycrystalline Diamond Dies

Polycrystalline Diamond Dies
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PCD Dies

Synthetic polycrystalline diamond is a diamond polymer sintered by diamond micropowder and binder at high temperature and ultra-high pressure. There are two kinds of diamond polymer at present.One is formed with silicon as a binder, the other is formed with cobalt as a binder, and the die is generally identified as PCD or SD.The inner hole finish of the polycrystalline diamond die is slightly worse than that of natural diamond or artificial single crystal die, and the inner hole wear is uniform after use and the service life is good.It is generally more than 3 times the life of natural diamonds and artificial single crystal diamonds. At present, the particle size provided is mainly 1 um, 3 um, 5 um, 10 um, 25 um.


Size range:Φ0.025 – 15.0mm

Application:Copper wire, aluminum wire, tin wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire, all kinds of alloy wire and other black metal wire.