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Quality Assurance, After-sales Service

1, Material assurance :  

(1) The imported PCD we use GE (Compax ) or Sumitomo (SUMIDIA WD) blanks, our commitment: within three years under normal maintenance , if the blank broke or fall down, we will replace with a new die

(2) We use Norway Conoptica CU11S optical system for dies testing before shipments ( Currently CU11S is the only machine in the world which can accurate measure the key parameters of the dies) 

2, Urgent orders can be arranged firstly, will make stock for the common use diameters.

3, We have a maintenance department, continue provide professional die maintenance services; 

4, Can help customers set up die maintenance room, providing technical guidance and training for die maintenance, and establish management systems ( customers: Jiangxi Copper, Baosheng, Xiangrui, Xinhui, Midea(Weiqi), Gree, Galanz, etc.).


Drawing Die Detecting System CU11S Optical Systems

This system helps increase wire production volume, and improve wire quality and production efficiency. 

With fewer high quality dies and less manpower resulting in: increased drawing speed, less production halts, improved wire quality, 

Prolonged die life and quality, and spent less time on internal communication, etc.

Production & Quality Control of: 
Die hole Diameter & Ovality ( Accurate to 0.0001mm)

Bearing Length 

Bearing Asymmetry
Reduction Angle 
Inner Die Profile


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