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Quality assurance, after-sales service
1, the material to ensure that:
(1) selection of imported drama with the US GE (Compax Kang sent wire) or Sumitomo (SUMIDIA WD) mold core, our commitment: three years under normal maintenance conditions, such as the emergence out drilling, drilling crack free replacement of new products.
(2) the use of Norwegian CU10 photoelectric porosimetry for mold testing shipments (currently the world's only instrument to accurately measure the mold hole key parameters)

2, order processing can prioritize urgent delivery, common specifications for customers to make spare parts inventory;

3, Division I independent mold maintenance lesson: continue to provide professional mold maintenance services;

4, can help customers set up mold room, providing technical guidance and training for mold maintenance, mold and establish management systems (joint customers: Jiangxi Copper, Baosheng, good fortune, Xinhui, the United States (Sandwich), Gree, Galanz, etc.).

Drawing Die System Cu10 Electro Optical Frame
This system helps increase wire production volume, and improve wire quality and production efficiency.

This is obtained by maintaining an inventory of fewer high quality dies with less manpower resulting in: increased drawing speed, less production halts, improved wire quality,

Prolonged die life and quality, and less time spent on internal communication,etc.

Production&Quality Control of:
Die hole Diameter&Ovality Bearing
Reduction Cone Angle
Inner Die Profile
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