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Diamond Dies
Diamond die is a wire drawing tool applied in the production of soft wire products such as copper and aluminum wires, and hard wire products such as stainless steel, tungsten and copper plated steel wires. The main production principle of wire drawing is that the wire is drawn from the big aperture through a small aperture by the hole of the diamond die and utilizes the wire's extensibility, reducing gradually the circumference. The surface of the wire is also raised to its slick level during the production process(As shown below)

The basge organization of diamond dies

  Diamond types
Natural diamond
Artificial single crystal diamond
Polycrystalline diamond

Stainless steel / Titanium alloy
(Specially used for Tin-coated copper dies)

Hardened mount
Sintered alloy of special powder

The angle design explanation of diamond dies

Materials application chart

Cross section of a diamond die for fine wire

Die service life

To preserve the life of your diamond dies:
1、Avoid shocks to the die when installing. During operation reduce vibrations in the wire and on the drawing machine .
2、Know the basics of proper lubrication-and apply what you know . wet drawing requires a lubricant temperature of 40-500C at all times. Follow lubricant manufacturer's recommendations for pH and density .Remove scale and other impurities by using filters and settling tanks.
3、Repair times for diamond dies are usually estimated from amount of wire drawn . The graph below gives rough estimates for standard die sizes and materials drawn.

Please include the following information when ordering
Die model
Die hole diameter
Allowable tolerances
Case size
Drawing material and whether wet or dry drawing

Standard tolerances. And case sizes will be supplied unless otherwise specified.

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